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Do you need legal services from an attorney near Fairview Shores, FL? If so, then consider contacting my firm. My name is Dana Anderson, and I can assist with a range of legal needs. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the guidance you need to successfully navigate your case.

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Receive Assistance with Family Law

Family law can include things such as divorce, paternity, and spousal support, among other concerns. It’s a broad field of the law that can often be difficult and stressful to navigate. As your family law attorney, I can provide you with reliable legal services to help make your situation easier. I offer compassionate support and knowledgeable advice; partner with me and receive guidance throughout your case.

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Call Now for Help with Business Law

A business owner may need services from an attorney for any number of reasons. Perhaps you are considering starting a new business and need someone to assist you with the process. Or, maybe you need to defend your intellectual property. Maybe a customer is threatening to sue, and you need an attorney to defend you.

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