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Since 2007, I've handled cases similar to yours in the area of family law. If you're going through a divorce, a paternity case, seeking an alimony award or modification, and/or you're looking to modify time sharing with children, I can help. With me by your side, you can rest assured that your well-being is my primary concern. As both a counselor and an attorney, my job is to help alleviate the stress and make the journey in this phase of your life as smooth as possible. When worries arise and uncertainties cause you to have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me for answers. I'll walk with you every step of the way and together we'll work towards a favorable outcome. Here's how I can help:


In Florida, divorce is known as dissolution of marriage and at least one of the spouses must live in Florida for a minimum of six months in order to file a divorce. By law, there are two reasons in which a couple can choose to get a divorce:

  • The marriage is broken beyond repair.
  • One of the spouses has a mental incapacity and was incapacitated for the past three years.

Either way, I'm here to help. Different options for divorce can include marital settlement, annulment, and simplified dissolution. I'll help you decide which route is best to take based on your situation.

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Also known as spousal support, the purpose of alimony is to be a source of income from one spouse to the next that helps the receiving spouse get back on his or her feet or compensates the spouse for efforts during the marriage. Typically, alimony is awarded monthly, but it can also be received in a one lump sum payment or a combination of both. Whether or not the receiving spouse will receive alimony on a temporary or permanent basis is based upon whether there is a need for alimony, an ability to pay, and how long the couple was married:

  • Short-term (less than 7 years of marriage)
  • Moderate (7 - 17 years of marriage)
  • Long-term (over 17 years of marriage)


In Florida, both parents are responsible for providing financial support for their child(ren) regardless of the parents' marital state. Once which parent the child(ren) is living with is determined, then the court will decide how much child support the non-custodial parent will be obligated to provide. There are several myths and misconceptions about child support, such as:

  • 50/50 time sharing means there's no need for child support. It's important to realize that time sharing refers to who the child(ren) lives with and support aims to ensure the financial burden is equal among both parents, so if one parent is paying for health insurance or day care, or there is a large disparity in income, even equal time sharing will usually result in child support being owed.

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When your family is separating, it can seem like the end of the world or like the beginning of a fresh, new start. In situations like yours, perspective is everything. I have the expertise and compassion you need to tackle matters of divorce, alimony, and/or child custody in a manner that keeps the well-being of everyone involved at the core. If you're in the Longwood, Florida area, schedule a consultation with me today.