Dana Anderson, Esq.

Longwood, Florida Real Estate Attorney

No matter what property-related issue you may be facing, Dana Anderson, Esq. is prepared to tackle your case. With almost 20 years of handling real estate cases for the communities of Longwood, Florida and surrounding areas, he is well versed in what your case may need. Your investment deserves more than just competent representation. Call Dana for a free 15-minute phone consultation and learn more about how his experience in practicing real estate law can benefit your current legal matters.

Do I need a real estate attorney?

Having a trusted legal advocate can make a big difference.

Real estate law is complicated. You don’t want to get caught up in a legal mess trying to navigate the process alone. Dana is committed to educating his clients on the specifics of their case and discovering the best legal options for moving forward.

Why choose Dana Anderson, Esq.?

Compassionate attention

With a unique background of experience as a practicing attorney and licensed therapist, Dana approaches every case with the intent to improve the overall well-being of his clients. He cares about the mental and emotional impact dealing with a legal matter can have on your life.

Trustworthy counsel

For years, Dana has been the go-to lawyer for real estate issues in Longwood, Florida. Clients know that they can count on him to be transparent about the best possible outcomes and to fight for the results they want.

The expertise your case deserves

Dana has previously handled real estate issues pertaining to the resolution of landlord/tenant disputes, title and contract disputes, insurance coverage disputes, and bad faith insurance litigation just to name a few.

Let Dana help you move forward.

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Let’s work together to end your real estate frustrations.

Dana is passionate about helping his clients understand their rights, safeguard their investments, and ensure the smooth resolution of any conflicts or transactions pertaining to their real estate. A collaborative attorney, Dana communicates frequently so that his clients feel empowered with him by their side.